2016 Previous Marriage Reports

Source: Moore County (Listed by applicant 1 name, applicant 2 name and date)
12687 Salinas Jr., Jorge Pablo and Garcia Espino, Daniela, 3/1/16
12688 Bernal, Luis Edmundo and Frye, Taylor Lynn, 12/30/15
12689 Scheuring, John Douglas and Bohon, Amanda Beth, 12/30/15
12690 Jones, Garry Eujene and Smith, Lisa Stewart, 12/31/15
12691 Garcia Olague, Luis A. and Jimenez, Arlette, 12/31/15
12692 Moore, Steven Lane and Campero Pena, Ana C., 1/4/16
12693 Johnson, Billy Dwayne and Aliff, Shae Renee, 1/5/16
12694 Cruz-Soto, Samuel and Mendez, Angelia Bobbie, 1/7/16
12695 Drake, Jason Dewayne and Shedd, Christina Ann, 1/8/16
12696 Ruiz-Erives, Rudy and Montez, Laurie Ann, 1/11/16
12697 Liles, Tyler Damion and Nelson, Holly Beth, 1/11/16
12698 Holguin, Rigoberto and Ceballos Hernandez, Nisa, 1/12/16
12699 Armenta Prieto, Martin and Sanchez, Rebeca
12700 Ruiz-Erives, Rudy and Montez, Laurie Ann
12701 Cain, Freddie Durwood and Cantwell, Jennifer Rena
12702 Rodriguez Gutierrez, Mar and Lozano, Valentina
12703 Uribe Lopez, Rodolfo and Grimaldo Gutierrez, Car
12704 Rodriquez Ricardo and Lopez, Rachel Ramirez
12705 Munoz, Wilfredo and Salazar, Cindy
12706 Pablo Perez, Jose Antonio and Roles, Norma P
12707 Espino, Tomas and Cook, Laura Kim
IF-01333 Carrera Oliva, Jose De J and Gallegos, Maria Dolores

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